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How much does it cost to join the Beta Test?

Your beta test spot is free and you get full access to the software. This is the same software that earns members upwards of $5,900 daily.

How many people are you accepting into the Beta Test?

We are only accepting 50 new Beta Test members. Once we have 50 members, we will be shutting the doors and we don’t know when we will re-open them.

I don’t have Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Can I still join?

Our proprietary software makes profitable trades based on changes in the value of the currency. You will not be purchasing Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Your account will remain in US Dollars.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the form on this page right now to lock in your beta test spot. After you fill out the form, simply make your initial investment to activate your profits.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees, commissions or surprises. All of the money inside your account is yours. It works exactly like a bank account so you can withdraw any or all of your money at any time.

How much will I earn?

Members of our inner circle earn an average of $5,900 daily. And the profits starts as soon as you create your FREE account.

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